Little finger food cookies

Little finger food cookies

Although welcome at all times, little finger food cookies seem to be made for women’s get-togethers, so treat your girls with Coolinarika’s cute and savory minions, cupcakes, mini muffins or macarons.

Although there are no private or formal gatherings where they are not welcome, sweet snacks such as minions, cupcakes and macarons seem to be made for us women. Simply, these little sweet cookies are ideal for all kinds of life situations and numerical formations, so we look forward to them and grieve, whether we are alone, with our best friends, or with our many female parties.

Because of their taste and appearance and their positive effect on our mood, sweet little snacks deserve to be a staple at one of the following women’s parties, with or without occasion.



Among our favorite little desserts are the little sweet petit four cookies or minions that began baking in France in the mid-18th century for very practical reasons, to harness the heat of long-term heating and cooling of large ovens where bread and meat were otherwise baked . About a hundred years later, when public gatherings for women, pastry shops, tea houses and cafes finally began to open with coffee shops reserved for male audiences, petit four cookies became more crowded and finer, and so popular among ladies. Follow the pattern of former ladies gatherings and treat yourself to sweet ladies’ cookies, fancy Viennese minions or romantic pink minions.


Just like the minions, neither have cupcakes since yesterday. But even though they date back to a period when cookie ingredients were not weighed but measured on mugs, and have long been a favorite in America, they seem to have become planetary popular only thanks to TV series. More specifically, her Season 3 and scene in Episode 5, in which Carrie and Miranda in West Willage, New York, sit on a bench in front of the Magnolia cult bakery, and enjoy delicious and sweet cupcakes in addition to the Aidan showdown. Therefore, modeled on cookies that, despite acting only for about 30 seconds, have become famous almost like heels of Manolica, treat yourself to cupcakes a la TV series. For a cool recipe, bake colorful merry cupcakes and then enjoy the TV series or movie in their own right, or in company, except for their taste.

Delicious mini muffins and macaroni

In addition to petit four cookies and cupcakes for sweet moments in solitude or in the company of women, everyone’s favorite muffins are also welcome. Therefore, delight yourself and the girls with lovely delicious but also healthy (containing chia seeds!) Mini muffins with apple flowers. Of course, there are also the currently very favorite and fancy little, round and savory macarons that will further sweeten any female get-together, so for example, spice-ups with coffee with elegant coffee macarons. In addition, you can also honor and surprise the girls with a really special and really fun little sweet snack, cookies modeled on fateful cookies from Chinese restaurants, fortune cookies.



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