Ask one of your friends how she feels

Ask one of your friends how she feels

In our wish to please (because we wrongly think that would help to make a woman like us) men always try to get a woman’s approval or agreement.

Please, don’t get me wrong. For female sex to like us we are not supposed to act rude or to be without table manners, but the idea that good behavior and elegance are a key to success is wrong. If you look for approval and agreement with women don’t expect success. That is ‘nagging‘ to them. This is not a masculine behavior, or at least not one that women like. With actions like that you only emphasize your insecurity and a tendency for being whipped. If you doubt that fact, make a simple test. Ask one of your friends how she feels when a guy wants approval and agreement from her constantly. Ask her what kind of feelings does such person arise.

How many times have you taken an attractive woman to a lunch, dinner, paid her drinks, bought her presents, flowers, etc., and failed miserably in the end? Then you were seeing her with men who didn’t act half as nice as you, that actually behaved more badly than well to her, never or rarely counted in her wishes, didn’t take her to dinners, and restaurants, didn’t buy her expensive perfumes, etc. He wasn’t dressed nice, and drove her car, because he didn’t own one!!! The woman even told you how he is like, cried, and whined, but still she was his girlfriend and your friend! I couldn’t understand such women’s reactions at all, because they didn’t make any sense to me.

I’ve always asked myself Why? How? In what way?

I slowly realized that it was a very natural phenomenon. When you do all those nice things to them, you are sending a message!
“I definitely don’t think you like me the way I am, so I’ll try to buy your attention and affection.” All these nice intentions have an effect of manipulation on a woman. WOMEN SENSE IT AS A TRY TO MANIPULATE, they don’t like that, they hate it, they despise and avoid men like that. They want a self-confident man, who believes in himself and his qualities, think a little about that!?



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