Homemade quiche bite – a favorite snack for all generations

Homemade quiche bite – a favorite snack for all generations

In a sea of ​​different salty snacks, chopsticks, chips and crackers, kviki bite definitely holds a high place on my popularity chart. As everything I buy, try and see I need to try to make it myself, so I thought of making homemade quiche. And judging by the number of recipes posted on the internet, I’m not the only one. So I was a little skeptical about making quiche. But to my delight and the joy of all the people, it turned out great!

To understand each other, homemade quiche is not, and cannot be, very similar to a purchase original, primarily because this homemade one is not fried in oil. In fact, the only oil found here is the one that goes into making the dough. And that’s it. So one, we could say, a healthier version of a snack after which you will have neither weight in your stomach nor oily fingers. You will have a new addiction, however – baking homemade bacon.

But there is nothing wrong with that. As you mix the dough for homemade quiche, you will employ the muscles in your hands, and if you knead a little more vigorously it will burn some calories, so you can sit in front of the TV without a bit of conscience and watch your favorite series or culinary show with a bowl of your favorite snacks.
You can make homemade quiche in several different flavors. It all depends on what you love. They can be plain salty, you can add sesame to the dough, and they can be flavored with chives, oregano and garlic. They can also be angry if you add chili powder. As for the structure, this homemade quiche is much harder than the original, but it gives it a special charm. Whatever you turn, a home-made quiche is a great thing!


500 g flour
1 dry yeast
1 tablespoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
100 ml of oil
200 ml of warm water
Optional: spoon chili, oregano or pepper


Mix all dry ingredients and gradually add water and oil. Knead harder dough. Make it well with your hands. Although it is a dough, it should not be delayed to rise.
On a floured work surface, immediately divide the dough into several pieces. Form a thin roller from each piece. The roller should not be thicker than 1 cm in diameter.

Prepare a large baking sheet. Put baking paper over the sheet. Spread some salt evenly over the paper.
Also prepare one clean shears.
Take the rolls of dough, cut them zigzag even above the sheet so that the pieces fall immediately on baking paper and salt. When you have filled all the surface of the sheet, split the pieces slightly with their hands if they were left somewhere and place them immediately on the stove. Bake in an oven preheated to 200 * C for 15-20 minutes. After the first 10 minutes of baking, remove the tin, turn the quiche of the bitters with a spatula and stir a little and return to the oven for additional roasting.
They are finished when they have a nice brownish color.
And that’s it. Homemade quiche is ready for a snack. Good apetite!



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