Chili with meat

Chili with meat

Chili con Carne in the original Spanish language means chili with meat, and it is basically a spicy stew that can be prepared in several ways. After a brief research, I came to the conclusion that the original Chili con carne worked without beans exclusively with ground beef. But as different dishes adapt to different climates and palates throughout history, so Chili has undergone many transformations. Today, the most common version of Chili is the one with red beans. And today I will stop at just that and prepare chili con carne in my own way.

Whether red or brown or white beans will go into this fine dish depends solely on you. I was doing a combination of red and white because I had these cans in the pantry. I also decided to omit the corn because the beans also seemed to have enough pulp in one meal.

Another thing that is essential to a good chili con carne is the spice ratio. Because if you don’t spice the chilli enough, it just won’t be what it is – a specific, slightly spicy dish. Here you can arm yourself with various combinations of ready-made Mexican food mixes that can be found in all major stores. And you can combine it yourself by adding at least two different types of ground pepper, tomato and pepper. Choose the type of chili meat you choose yourself, I worked with mixed minced meat and it turned out great. And finally, perhaps the most important thing – chili. It would be best if you had fresh chili peppers so you cut them into a dish, but if you don’t have them, the dried chili crumbs or the powdered ones will be ok.

Since chili is also part of a Mexican dish, I decided to add some cocoa, which is often used in Mexican cuisine. The decision turned out to be great, as cocoa gave this dish just one particularly fine note. This dish is also great for storing everything in one pan on the hob and it is over pretty quickly. You can serve Chili con carne with sour cream and almost mandatory tortillas. Whether you want to wrap the chili in a tortilla or eat it from your plate again, decide for yourself. Whatever you turn, you can’t go wrong with chili!


500 g of mixed minced meat
1big onion
1 fresh red pepper
250 ml of liquid tomato
350 g canned white beans
350 g canned red beans
2 teaspoons of dried crushed chili
3 teaspoons spicy red peppers (sweet or hot)
1 tablespoon of cocoa
salt, pepper


Fry the minced meat with a little oil with constant stirring. This will make the meat fried nicely, which gives a special flavor to this dish. Let the meat fry as much as possible. When done, take it aside.
Put the chopped onion and pepper in the same pan, stirring until the vegetables are tender, then add the cocoa, powdered pepper, chili, salt, pepper and liquid tomato and return the meat to that combination. Stir and taste so you can add some more spice if needed. Simmer it all for another 15 minutes. Then add the canned beans, stir and simmer for an additional 10 minutes.
Serve with sour cream and fried tortillas.



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